The ‘Olympus List’ Saga

Eastern Meadowlark (Photo from 4/8/09)

Eastern Meadowlark (Photo from 4/8/09)

Most of you know that I started my wildlife photography passion back in 2009 with an Olympus SLR.  I photographed quite a few birds back then, and when I upgraded to Canon, I wanted to try and photograph every bird I had captured with the Olympus.  The remaining list I call the ‘Olympus List’.

There are only three birds left on the list – the Red-Headed Woodpecker, the Worm-eating Warbler, and the Eastern Meadowlark.  The oldest is the meadowlark, with the photo dating back to April 8th, 2009!  I took that shot before I even had a telephoto lens!

Well, we can cross two of those three off the list this month.  I’ll give you a hint… its too early for worm-eating warblers…

The first Eastern Meadowlark photo in just over 4 years!

Eastern Meadowlark

Eastern Meadowlark


Red-headed Woodpecker - Juvenile (Photo taken on 01/16/10)

Red-headed Woodpecker – Juvenile (Photo taken on 01/16/10)

Then we have the red-headed woodpecker, last photographed on January 16th,2010.  I actually saw him a few times that year.  This was the best shot I could muster up in that time.

On the same day as the meadowlark photo, I got a new red-headed woodpecker shot too!  This time, I got photos of a male.  I found him at a roadside pond in New Paltz thanks to a tip from local birders.  Granted, I probably could have gotten some better photos with some sun in the sky, but I can’t complain too much!

I will likely try to get back there before the trees fill in and get a better photo.  But for now, this will do.  Now, on to the last bird on the ‘Olympus List’ – the Worm-eating warbler!

Red-headed Woodpecker (Adult)

Red-headed Woodpecker (Adult)


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