Hammonasset Beach State Park (Part II)

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret

We enjoyed this spot so much in Connecticut, we went there again on the 4th of July.  It was packed with people and the line to even get into the park was crazy.  There couldn’t possibly be any wildlife close by with all the people and activity here, right?

For the second time, the park proved me wrong.  I simply walked along the internal roads, packed with traffic and took pictures right along the road!  All the species from that I saw last time made another appearance, only this time, the weather was far more favorable.  Some of them, even closer than last time…

Hammonasset Beach State Park (Click Photos to Enlarge)

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One Response to Hammonasset Beach State Park (Part II)

  1. lynn says:

    This July I seen Glossy Ibis (my first time seeing them there or anywhere around here for that matter) and 2 weeks ago, I seen my first even juvenile Little Blue Heron! There are some beautiful birds there. Some days they are in abundance and some days none can be seen. That is one of the greatest things about nature. It is full of surprises! Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!

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