Wildlife in the Dominican Republic – Black-whiskered Vireo

Black-whiskered Vireo

Black-whiskered Vireo

It’s not the best photo in the world, but it’s good enough to identify and add to my life list!  While photographing palmchats on the last day of the trip, I saw a little bird jumping from branch to branch a few trees down a walkway at the resort.  It never sang and I would frequently lose it between all the greenery.

Finally, it popped out for a few seconds and looked back at me before diving into thicker territory.  After reviewing my guide book, I was able to identify it as a black-whiskered vireo.  It looks a lot like red-eyed vireos around here, with the exception of one important field mark.  The little black ‘mustache’ under the bill is the indicator.  Glad I was able to get a shot of it!

It turned out to be the only time the entire trip that I saw any vireo species.

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