Welcome to the Jungle…


Los Haitises National Park

While in the Dominican Republic, we booked one excursion from the resort – to Los Haitises National Park.  It was a four hour bus ride through the heart of the country with a tour guide telling us about the sights.

Upon arrival to the park, we boarded a boat which took us through the jungle.  We saw and heard uncommon white-necked crows, and also a variety of herons and egrets.  We then came into Samana Bay, where I photographed most of the wildlife on the trip (more of that over the next few days).

We also visited some caves and a waterfall.  Quite a packed day!  Most of the photos here were taken by my wife as I focused on trying to photograph the wildlife.  You can see some of the photos in the attached gallery.

Los Haitises National Park (click photos to enlarge)

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One Response to Welcome to the Jungle…

  1. Loca Gringa says:

    My absolute favourite in DR … Samana … I could happily be lost there forever 😉

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