eBird Data Entry Complete!

Blackburnian Warbler

Blackburnian Warbler

Trying to keep track of all my unique bird sightings got quite challenging once we vacationed in the Dominican Republic and started traveling to Connecticut.  With so many new species in such a short time, I began entering my sightings on the site eBird.org.

As of last night, I finished entering everything I had from 2009 to present day.  The totals were both surprising and interesting.  Here are just a few interesting facts about my adventures:

  • Total species count is currently 194.  This includes trips to Maine, Connecticut & the Dominican Republic.  So close to 200!
  • 151 of those species have either been seen or photographed in Dutchess County, New York alone.  With our recent move to Ulster County, I have already logged 68 species here as well.  I intend to increase both these numbers in 2014.
  • Vassar Farm was my original stomping grounds.  To date, I’ve seen or photographed 111 species alone in just this one location!
  • Peach Hill Park became my new favorite location after it’s discovery a year or so into my adventures.  I’ve spotted a total of 109 species there.  This staggering amount moved Peach Hill Park from relative obscurity on eBird to one of the Top 10 bird watching spots in Dutchess County. (Currently tied for 10th place)
  • In terms of individuality, I am currently ranked #13 for most birds seen in Dutchess County.  Ulster County is much lower at #67.
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