Random Ulster County Shots (and a Dutchess too!)

Fish Crow

Fish Crow

With the snow melting and refreezing, it’s become very treacherous to be a hiker.  Even two weeks ago, I nearly took a spill on several occasions carrying my equipment.  To me, its not worth potentially breaking my equipment, or myself for that matter.  That doesn’t mean I’m done sharing photos though!

After checking out the incredibly cool Sandhill Cranes in Ulster Park, I also stopped at Kingston Point Park.  My hope was to find some open water for interesting ducks, but other than a few common mergansers in a small spot, no other ducks were seen.

It wasn’t all a bust though at the park, as we got to watch a merlin outmaneuver several crows. The merlin landed very briefly before getting harassed some more, but I was able to snap a shot before the chase began again.

I also stopped briefly at Norrie Point to see 8 total juvenile bald eagles.  The overcast day made it impossible to get good looking shots, but the action alone is worth posting a shot.

Random Photos (click to enlarge)

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