Migration Vacation is Over… What’s the Verdict?

Osprey at Long Beach, Stratford, CT

Osprey at Long Beach, Stratford, CT

I know I don’t post nearly as often anymore, but between home improvements and added work hours, the site has had to take a back seat.  That doesn’t mean that I slouched on the peak of migration though!  In fact, quite the opposite!

Normally, I would only take two to three days off every year in the middle of May.  That was usually more than enough time to capture a ton of activity.  This year, I took the whole week off!  Not only that, I got outside everyday for NINE days in a row of photography!  We also had a spectacular wedding that we went to in Rhode Island, so I did some bird watching there too.  To cap off the trip we stopped at a few spots in Connecticut to round out the adventure.  I’m tired just thinking about it again.

So, you already know that I hit 200 birds last week… but the new question is, how many do you think I have now?

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