Miss Me?

Before & After2Well, I finally have some good news… our nightmare home repair project is finally coming to a close.  As you may know, winter was not pleasant by any means.  It nearly destroyed and collapsed our back porch!

Out of necessity, we embarked on our first major project since moving into our first house in 2013.  The more we worked on it, the more problems we uncovered.  In short, we nearly had to replace everything due to mold, wood rot, drainage issues, termites, etc.  I knew to get this done, we would need to give up everything else to fully focus on our home.

After months or working every possible weekend, it’s finally taking shape.  The foundation has been fixed.  The leaky roof has been fully replaced.  The moldy wooden siding has been replaced with vinyl.  The leaky windows have been fully replaced.  The leaky doors have been fully replaced.  I personally dug out the surrounding landscape and put in a concrete retaining wall to prevent water damage.  A drainage pipe has been put in around the porch.  I completely restored the inside wooden floor by cleaning, scrubbing, sanding, staining and sealing it.  Our rotted wooden patio has been dug out and will be replaced with a stone patio.

So what does it all mean?  You might not remember because its been so long, but I used to take wildlife and nature photos.  Expect a return to that again soon. 🙂

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One Response to Miss Me?

  1. avian101 says:

    There’re a lot of birds out there waiting for you Derrick! Welcome back! 🙂

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