New Bird Photographed – Greater Yellowlegs


Greater Yellowlegs

This year, I spent more time along the Hudson River and the ocean in Connecticut and Rhode Island to fill a large void in my life list… shorebirds!  I’ve always loved sandpipers and plovers, but they aren’t very easy to find around here and when you do find them, they are often far away.

For my first Greater Yellowlegs, they actually flew over me in April this year!  I heard a strange call while roaming the shore at Kingston Point Park along the Hudson River.  When I looked up, four tern-sized birds flew over and never landed.  With the call etched in my brain, I played through the iBird app on my phone until I made the match.  Very exciting moment, but not a very good shot.

While on our way back from a wedding in Rhode Island, we stopped at the Coastal Center Milford Point in May to look for shorebirds.  Not only did I see many new species (more on that later), I saw a lone greater yellowlegs wading in the shallows.  That moment allowed for a slightly better look.


Greater Yellowlegs

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