imageAfter an exhaustive two day stint this past weekend totaling 20+ hours, we are officially done with what I coined the ‘nightmare project’!

The weekend work consisted of a layer of landscape fabric to be nailed to the dirt first, followed by 4 inches of paver base pitched away from the porch and down into a channel drain that I cut, 1 inch of leveling sand, 400 concrete patio pavers to be laid and/or cut to a specific pattern, and jointing sand to spread between the cracks.

Friends and family played a key role in getting this completed, and we thank you immensely for your help!  With summer nearly over, we can enjoy the final weekends with a cold one and some grilled delectables. 🙂

Before and After...

Before and After…

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One Response to DONE!

  1. Lyn Burnstine says:

    Congratulations! Now the fun can begin.

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