Where to Start?

new photo booksOkay, so I’m back (for now :P)… where should I begin?

Perhaps that I’ve added 18 more birds to my life list this year? A dozen of those were local, while the rest were from excursions to Connecticut.  Some of them I did not get pictures of, just the memory of seeing them.

How about that our house is still standing?  After cursing the 2013-2014 winter we had, this previous winter was just as bad… maybe even worse!  The work we had done over the summer survived it too, although some patch work had to be done.  But you know what?  For a house that is nearing 150 years old, we’ve managed it well… well enough to make another run on Local Exploration!

What about education?  I recently signed up for an online photography course designed for being a professional nature photographer.  This isn’t a career change though!  I’ve invested enough time in wildlife photography that I feel that I should at least explore the next step, which is going pro.  To top it off, two new books came in the mail today regarding wildlife and bird photography, to help sharpen my skills further.

Let’s not forget about time management!  Everything falls apart without it, and I’ve found ways to streamline the photo reviewing and editing process to get shots on the blog faster than ever before.  There is still room for improvement too, but even the minor changes have helped dramatically.

All in all, it’s an exciting time at Local Exploration.  Lots of personal growth, which may lead to better content for everyone!

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