Wildlife Photos from 08/12/12 – Vassar Farm

Zabulon Skipper (female)

Got a late start last Sunday, so I kept the hiking close to home and went to Vassar Farm in Poughkeepsie.  The heat has been really tough to deal with this year, so I stayed out as long as I could bear.

A majority of my time was spent at the front pond – watching green herons & a great blue heron go about their business and dragonflies & skippers flying around.  One of the more interesting sightings was a female zabulon skipper.  I seen the males everywhere this summer, but this was a first for females.  They look much different than their male counterparts, as you’ll see in the gallery.

I didn’t make it back to the beaver dam this time around.  I’ll have to wait when the weather is a little less hot and humid.

Wildlife Photos from Vassar Farm (click photos to enlarge)

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3 Responses to Wildlife Photos from 08/12/12 – Vassar Farm

  1. Deb Kral says:

    Nice collection, as always, Derek! Thanks for sharing…

  2. Jamie Collins says:

    Great shots Derrick. I stopped by the beaver dam today, unfortunately it’s been breached. I have a feeling it wasn’t exactly natural forces which breached it; I spotted a firework near one of the breaks in the dam so I have a feeling some vandals have done it. Hopefully the beaver is ok.

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